{Tips} How to Get a Guy You Love/ Like Over Text Messages

How to Get a Guy You Love/Like Over Text Messages– You really like a cute guy, you even have his number but afraid to text him. Social media has made communication these days very easy and simple. All is need is few tricks and tips that will help you get the guy you like over text messages. One of the most essential things to keep the spark between two people is communication. The guy you like will judge you on your communication skills. Need to keep the conversation between you and the guy you like interesting? It is not a great task though. The following tips will help you with your fear and make conversation between the guy you like and you easier. Surely you want your talks funny, interesting and engaging. If you want to know about Love then see this article of How to Make a Guy Fall in Love.

How to Get a Guy Over Text Messages
How to Get a Guy Over Text Messages

How to Get a Guy Over Text Messages

Don’t sound too needy: This is the commonest mistake girls make once the guy agrees to talk. Never over test a guy. Doing this will lessen your chances to be his girl. Try not to sound too needy or desperate. Let the conversation between you two as one to one. Avoid one sided talks.

Questions about childhood: Ask him cute questions regarding his childhood. Guys like when girls do this as they think girls are taking interest in them. Also guys think it is special to talk to someone regarding their childhood. Again don’t let it be as a one sided conversation. Tell him about your childhood and its memories.

Simple texts: Send him simple texts through the da. Ask him how his day was. Simple? Hectic? Tedious? Occupied? No matter it was give all your ears to him. Let him know that you are concerned about him.

Give him his space: Guys love their privacy and hates people who try to disturb that space. Never ask up close and personal questions to guy. Let them have their own space. Also tell them that you respect their little world.

How to Get a Guy You Like
How to Get a Guy You Like

Never force him: Well this is a general rule never force anyone. In this case never force a guy for anything. Give him some time. Once he is confortable he will do things willingly.

Tease him: Now girls all you have to do is not to be too obvious for a guy. Let even him take some pains to know you. Let him chase you a bit. Try to tease him with your replies. Guess his answers.

Make fun of yourselves: Show that you are funny and also fun to be with at the same time make fun of him. Tell him about the crazy and funny things you have done till now. Make sure even he is opening up to you and it is a one-to-one conversation.

Don’t be possessive: If the guy you like is talking or hanging out with other girls then try not be to too possessive about it. As mentioned earlier guys like to have their own space. Don’t be to judgmental.

How to Get a Guy You Love
How to Get a Guy You Love

Make sure he is worth: Think and again re-think whether the guy is for whom you are taking all this pain is really worth or not. If he is just using you to make his girlfriend jealous or as a part to pass his time then stay away and move on.

Do not enter the friend’s zone: Now that you both have developed a good connection and it is time to name your current status. If the guy says you are his good or best friend well then you are at loss. Try to stay away from his friend’s zone.

What next? Ask this question to the guy you like. Guy like girls who think about the future. Try to know what he thinks about you and where is he planning to take this relation.

Drop the love bomb: Things are going great between you two but each of you is hesitant to speak the truth, then you take the initiative to tell him.  Arrange a date and make it special. Let the proposal be worth a remembrance.

Move on: Everything that glitters is not gold. Move on and don’t be sad if the guy you like has decided to be with some other girl or he has not chosen you as his life partner. If you are not willing to move on then refer this article of How to Get a Guy After a Break Up.

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{Tips} How to Get a Guy You Love/ Like Over Text Messages
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