{Tips} 20 Questions to Ask a Guy in First Chat to Impress Him

20 Questions to Ask a Guy in First Chat to Impress Him- You Like a very cute guys but afraid to approach him? Fallen for a nice guy but equally scared to talk to him? You have managed to get his number but have no clue where to start from?  Well here are the few questions that will help you out with your fear and anxiety. Try to maintain transparency between you and the guy. Guys hate when girls lie to them. Keep the bond between you two strong. Once the guy starts opening open to you take it as a good sign. Try to have a strong, cute and honest bond. The first chat is very crucial as it is said first impression is last impression. So asking all good questions is very important. Girls try not to sound too desperate. Most importantly don’t be too demanding. Few cute questions can help you make your bond stronger. Also asking questions will help you decide if the person is really someone to wish to that the guy might lose interest in you. One thing is for sure that you wish to know more about that guy and these following questions will help you in doing so. The guy might be your classmate or you both share the same bench, might be a co-worker, a peer, or someone you share your common friend with, he might also be someone from the street. Irrespective of that asking simple and following questions will help you know more the guy.

20 Questions to Ask A Guy
20 Questions to Ask A Guy

20 Questions to Ask a Guy in First Chat to Impress Him

Now most of the Girl will be wondering how to talk with the Guy they Like over text message or after a meet. Here below are some of the most interesting questions those will definitely help you to talk with the Guy You Like. Below are 20 Questions to Ask a Guy in First Chat which will help you to Impress Him and grab an attention towards You and make you feel special. You can also check the previous post in which we have mentioned 20 Questions to Ask A Girl, if a guy asks you these questions regularly then you have to understand that there are “Chances” that He Likes you.

Questions to Ask A Guy you Like
Questions to Ask A Guy you Like
  • What makes you smile?
    -It is important to know what makes your crush happy and the answer will help you in future to make in happy if in case he is upset with something
  • If you get to marry a fictional character, whom will you marry?
    -Asking this question will help you what kind of person is your crush interested in.
  • Which is your favourite movie and why?
    -His reply will tell you what his taste and who know you might have the same taste in movies.
  • What are your plans for weekend?
    -The answer to this question will let you know whether your crush is a party animal or wishes do something else other than partying.
  • Which television show do you wish to see it live?
    -Again answer to this question will help you know him more in detail. The types of shows he wishes to see will definitely reflect his personality.
  • Would you like to share your scariest experience?
    -It is good to know which things scares your guy and why. Get to know things in details when it comes to the scary part
  • Do you believe in superstitious stuff? Which are they?
    -With this answer you will find if your crush is psycho or a smart guy. Get to know if believes in ghost or black magic or even a black cat crossing the road.
  • What thing about a girl attracts you the most?
    -This is the question when you realise if you can stand a chance or no. Get to know things from him by which he is attracted to girls or which things about a girl he likes the most.
  • What are your career goals in next few years
    -This could turn into a serious topic to talk on, get to know where your crush wishes to head in his future. Know the aims of your crush with this question.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    -It is good to know what makes a guy weak and equally what strengthens his wills. Expand your talks more on this question.
  • Do you like pets? Which animal you like the most?
    -This question will help you to know his taste and also you both might like the same animal as your pet.
  • What do you think is better a novel or a movie?
    -Get to know whether your crush is a movie buff or likes to dig his head a book.
  • Which are the five places in the world that you wish to go before you die?
    -This is an interesting question as you might get to know him more and who knows you both have same places of interest.
  • Which sports do you like the most?
    -Guys are very much interested in sports. Asking him about his favourite sport will make the guy think that you are really interested in him and also trying to accept his likes and dislikes.
  • What was your childhood like?
    -A quick peek in your crush’s childhood wouldn’t be a bad topic to talk on.
  • What are your hobbies or what do you do in your free time?
    -This is another question which will help you to get to know the guy even better.
  • Which movie till now made you shed your tears?
    -Answer to this to make you realise the weakness of your guys and also know more about his nature and taste.
  • Are you a foodie, what is your favourite food?
    -Everyone is crazy about tasty food, get to know which cuisine is your crush crazy about.
  • What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life till date?
    -Check him on this points where he opens up to you on this.
  • What is intimacy according to you?
    -Asking this question will give you a hint of how your crush perceives romance and intimacy.
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{Tips} 20 Questions to Ask a Guy in First Chat to Impress Him
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