How to Get a Girl you Like/ Love if She already has a Boyfriend [BF]

How to Get a Girl you Like/ Love if She already has a Boyfriend [BF]You like a girl but she already has a boyfriend? This is some serious thing that hampers your love life. Also trying to get a girl who already has a boyfriend can get you in some trouble. But you are sure that you share some connection with her and you find that she isn’t happy with that other guy well then boy you definitely stand a chance here. Following are the few ways or ideas by which you can get the girl you like in spite of her having a boyfriend. If the girl is your best friend or close friend then your work gets easier as you’ll be having more information about her likes and dislikes. Firstly make sure that you are more eligible and worth to her in compared to her current boyfriend. Well the obvious part is you should have something really more attractive if she wants to choose you ever her current boyfriend. If you are about to start talking with the Girl see this Article of 20 Questions to Ask a Girl in First Chat.

Get a Girl If She Already Has a Boyfriend
Get a Girl If She Already Has a Boyfriend

Get a Girl You Like if She Already Has a Boyfriend

Most of the Guys end up liking a Girl who already has a Boyfriend and they are so obsessed with her that they cant stop thinking about her, so keeping this in mind we have brought you the Tip of How to Get a Girl You Like who already has a Boyfriend, read the below topics which will help you the girl you Like, all the best.

Get a Girl if She has a Boyfriend
Get a Girl if She has a Boyfriend
  • Respect the Girl:
    The first and the basic thing to start with paying some respect to the girl. Be nice and good to her. Your chivalry comes to action over here. She her current boyfriend doesn’t respect her much then take the advantage of it and do the needful. She will definitely love this. Never cross your boundaries, never hit on her or touch her as she already has a boyfriend and doing these might put a bad impression on her. Be kind and caring towards her, she might start liking you in some other way and that’s what you want.
  • Her current status is happy:
    There is no point in winning a girl who is very happy with her boyfriend and that she thinks that her boyfriend is the perfect mate for her. If you see that the girl is really happy in her current relationship then you definitely don’t want to be intruder in their happy life. Accept the fact and move on. You should be happy about it and being sad is not going to help you out.
  • If she isn’t happy in relation:
    You just got a hint that the girl isn’t as satisfied as one should be. Well in scenario like this you bear a strong chance. Never ask a direct question regarding her boyfriend. Try to dig things out of her but you should have some tricks for that. Never have a bad mouth for her boyfriend. You shouldn’t be the one saying bad things about him like he isn’t suitable for you or you deserve better than him or he is a loser this could make the situation worst. Rather do it the exact opposite. Tell her that you take them as their idol or it is really good to see you both together or it is really cool the way you both handle a relationship. If she is close to you she will start opening up to you. If she ask these 20 Questions to Ask A Guy in Chat, you should be very happy, as you see she is interested in you as well.
  • Hangout with her and her boyfriend:
    This is your chance to observe things between them. Note all the times she laughed at her joke and also all the time she was irritated with him. Observe she is bugged with him or if she really enjoys his company. She the things that she doesn’t like about her guy and stuffs that she wants him to do but it is reluctant about doing the same.
How to Get a Girl You Like if She Has a Boyfriend
How to Get a Girl You Like if She Has a Boyfriend
  • Hit the bull’s Eye:
    Now that you have known all the things that irritates her, makes her angry or things she likes, it your turn to curve yourself in that way. Don’t do the things that make him angry and do the things that she expects her guy to do. She will start falling for you.
  • Even She Likes You:
    Make sure even she likes you. This is easy as you’ll see change in her behaviour towards you. She talks to you are likes to hang out with you more often. You have to look for the clues and hints from her. If she is flirting with you take is as a good sign. Never jump over anything. Let your relation grow a bit more and then only drop the love bomb.
  • Run Away:
    If after opening up to you and sharing her stuff with you she comes up with the sentence like “you are my true friend”, all you have to do is run away. This is the worst thing you can hear. Never let her see you as your friend and in the worst state as her brother. Better luck next time boy.
  • She’s worth it:
    Lastly make sure that all the pain you took so far for the girl is really worth or not. Don’t let her treat you as a toy. Girl who uses guys to make her current boyfriend jealous, please stay away. She just like to share her feeling with you and takes you as her BFF no need for any further tips or ideas as it is of no use at all.

Hope these Tip will help you to Get the Girl You Love if She Already Has a Boyfriend, after she’s in Love with you here is the article of How to Make a Girl Fall in Love Forever, which will help you to keep your Love Life happening and forever. To get more Love Tips visit Question to Ask A Girl.

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