{Best} How to Get a Girl you Love / Like Over a Text Messages

{Best} How to Get a Girl you Love / Like Over a Text Messages- So you like a girl? She’s your batch mate or works with you or share a same bench. Nothing is impossible in today’s world. Now that social media and network sites have made our work easier. You can easily win a girls heart over a text message. All you need to do is just follow these simple tips and ideas that will help you get the girl you like over text messages. Girls like guys who are sweet and nice to them. Once you have managed to get her number start the conversation at once. Obviously there are if do’s and don’t to this list just like any other list. If you already had a Girlfriend see this article of How to Get a Girl Back After a Break Up.

Get a Girl You Like Over Messages
Get a Girl You Like Over Messages

How to Get a Girl Over Text Messages

Don’t be too pushy: If you have known the girl just for a while or you just got his number few days back don’t sound too needy. This is the commonest mistake guys make. Girls find this move of guys very unattractive and they are easily drifted away from you. Never over text a girl. It says that putting more than necessary efforts means you are being too pushy. Keep the balance between your messages just like one to one conversation.

Be nice and gentle: The best way to attract a girl is by being nice to her. Respect her and her talks. Don’t be too blunt or rude. Thus will put your girl away from you. Keep the chat simple and sweet ask her about her likes and dislike and tell her that you respect her and you’ll never hurt her. How to Make a Girl Fall in Love Forever.

Don’t make the conversation dull: Another trick to make a girl like you is by being playful in your chat. Make the girl smile over your messages. In this way she will feel delighted to talk to you also wait for your message. Tease the girl and also make fun of yourselves. She’ll feel more comfortable with you and keeps will go pretty well between you two. This is a sure shot way that never fails.

How to Get a Girl You Love
How to Get a Girl You Love

Let her chase you. Well play this part only when you are confident enough that the girl will actually chase you. Girls don’t like things that are too easy for them plus being always available for them will make you too desperate and needy so play safe. Not that you totally ignore them but you can surely give her a challenge.

No up close and personal questions please: Now that the girl has accepted to talk to you and the conversation is going very well make sure that you don’t ask personal questions that make her uncomfortable or question that will make her not talk to you. You definitely don’t want. Also give all your ears if she is trying to open up to you.

Hang out often with her: Don’t let the things between you two grow only on text messages. Be a foodie and go to places she like or vice versa. Check her moves and let her check you out at times. Try to impress her and show your chivalry.

How to Get a Girl
How to Get a Girl

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Don’t be too obvious: Try to be a little mysterious. Tell her take some pain to know you. Try not to drag things when you are playing this part.

Tell her she is special: After your meet tell her that she is still on his kind.  Well is this another trick that works wonders. Tell her the things that make you remind of her. An honest text like this is going to make her feel special. She will surely feel good about it and needless to say your bond will grow stronger.

Give compliments to her: It is pretty obvious that girls like guy who pays compliments to them.  Tell her smile is the prettiest in this world. Compliment about her hair or her dress she was wearing that day.

Good vocab: This is the part when a girl actually judges a guy. Be good with your vocabulary. With careful with the words, spellings and grammar you use. You might lose the track of the girl you like with your incorrect way of texting.

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{Best} How to Get a Girl you Love / Like Over a Text Messages
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